Why Seek a Top Retained Search Firm for Executive Recruiting?

Executive positions within a company are crucial to initial success, remaining competitive, and thriving in the future. They shape policies and procedures, manage massive amounts of money, hire managers and entry level personnel, and protect the business reputation. The brightest, most talented, and experienced professionals can lead a company well into the future with innovation, creative thinking, and bold new ways of reinventing the industry. The most likely place to have access to such executives is a Top retained search firm.


To understand the benefits of using a top firm, people must first realize what being retained indicates about the firm. Firms do not become retained by businesses and global corporations because one recruiter was able to quickly fill an executive position. Consistent and successful placements are components that lead to agency retention. Candidates presented are ones that suit the needs, fit well with the business culture, have unique experience, and stay with the company for many years.

A secondary reason is to save time. Using different agencies is time-consuming. Business owners have to explain needs, nature, and goals over and over again to recruiters who are not familiar with the company’s operations. A retained recruiter can start future searches with minimal information. Provide the title, job description, and benefits package to recruiters over the telephone and let them d the rest.

Measuring the Capacity of a Recruiting Firm

Tenure is an essential measurement tool for a recruiting firm. It means the recruiting team knows the industry, conducts interviews that allow them to capture the intangible nuances of a professional, and listen carefully to the future goals of companies for ideal matches. Another tool is the speed at which a firm can produce a short list of candidates. Because executive and top management are so important to the company, having such positions vacant for long periods of time can be detrimental.

There is a balance required for speed and results. Getting a short list fast is ideal, but that will not be beneficial if no one on the list is right for the position. The perfect balance is quickly finding candidates that will enhance and lead the business. One component cannot be sacrificed in favor of the other component. Experienced and retained agencies have protocols and procedures to ensure both components are satisfied.